Dental Bonding Can Change Your Smile In One Visit

Are you ready to make a fantastic first impression? At Watertown Dental Care, we’ve helped many patients take their smiles to the next level with dental bonding, a quick and painless cosmetic procedure.

How does dental bonding work?

This treatment is used to change how teeth that are at the front of your mouth look. We adhere a tooth-colored molding material directly to damaged teeth or use it to make cosmetic enhancements that patients are thrilled with.

Bonding can be used to…

  • repair fractures and chips
  • close spaces between teeth
  • hide unsightly stains
  • fix irregularly shaped teeth
  • Bonding can last for years with proper home care.

Caring For Your Smile After Dental Bonding

To keep bonded teeth looking their very best, just brush twice a day and floss once. Plus, see us, your dentist in Watertown, for routine professional cleanings and checkups. Something to be aware of… bonded teeth are at risk of staining. So, if you consume beverages like coffee, tea, or wine, or use tobacco, then there’s a good chance staining will occur. We highly recommend avoiding these items within the first two days of bonding treatment.

Dental bonding is a prevalent treatment because it allows patients to maintain a natural-looking smile while covering up blemishes and correcting minor imperfections or damage. If you’re serious about enhancing your current smile or have just wondered what it would be like to do so, give us a call at 605-868-5326! We can help steer you – and your smile – in the right direction.

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  • Treatment completed in one visit
  • Material made to match your teeth
  • Minimally-invasive option
  • One of the most affordable options
  • Regain your confidence!

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