Full & Partial Dentures Equal Fantastic Smiles

Dentures have proven to be an effective option for many people who have lost one or even all of their teeth. At Watertown Dental Care, we offer full and partial dentures, resulting in better oral health, improved confidence, and countless smile opportunities.

A Look At Complete & Partial Dentures

The right option for you depends on how many teeth you’re missing. And when it comes to either option, we want you to have sufficient healthy jawbone and gum tissue. Full dentures are exactly what they sound like – for a full mouth of missing teeth. You may need an upper and lower prosthetic. You can get these dentures right after undergoing an extraction or following a considerable amount of healing time. Partial dentures fix gaps by anchoring removable dentures to teeth with clasps or hard-to-spot precision attachments. Taking care of these gaps with partial dentures can prevent further gum disease, tooth decay, or shifting.

Benefits Of Wearing Dentures

  1. Eat the foods you want. Missing teeth can have a negative impact on your diet. Just imagine biting into a hard apple without your front teeth. It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience!
  2. Better nutrition. With a complete set of teeth, you won’t have trouble consuming the nutrients your body needs.
  3. Self-confidence – When you have a full smile, you’re more inclined to seize opportunities to show it off. This includes family functions, special events, and job interviews.
  4. Return of facial structure – When people are missing teeth, you’ll notice a common characteristic in appearance. Dentures help fill out the cheeks, maintaining a healthful look (which, of course, also comes from increased confidence).
  5. Evens out the workload – Dentures support your remaining natural teeth by helping with eating and speaking. When you’re missing teeth, pressure is unevenly distributed, doing more work for the teeth you do have, possibly putting them at risk.

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