Digital X-Rays Help Us Get To The Bottom Of It

At Watertown Dental Care, digital x-rays are a vital tool to help care for your teeth. Many dental problems cannot be spotted with a visual examination alone. As your dentist, we use this technology daily to ensure accurate diagnosis and ultimate patient convenience and comfort.

Why A Digital X-Rays Are So Great

An x-ray, also known as a radiograph, magnifies what cannot be seen with the naked eye. It reveals sneaky decay in teeth and beneath the gum line. And it also shows us what’s happening under caps and fillings. Other oral health issues it shines a spotlight on include cysts, abscesses, gum disease, early signs of cancer, and tumors.

For decades, x-rays have been instrumental in dentistry. By capturing these images, your Watertown dentist can do their job more effectively and efficiently. If we couldn’t access this technology, it would be impossible to see so much of what is happening inside your mouth.

The Digital X-Rays At Our Practice

There are a few different ways we can take digital x-rays. Learn more about them right here.

  • Bitewing
  • Occlusal
  • Periapical
  • Full-Mouth

Over the years, digital radiography has proven to be quick, efficient, precise, and safe as can be. It’s instrumental in helping us detect concerns before they become severe. You save money, time, and avoid more invasive procedures due to neglect.

Want to know more about this technology? Call your dentist in Watertown! We’d be happy to answer any of your concerns or questions. And we’ll give you a full tour during your appointment.


Get To Know Our Digital X-Ray Technology During An Appointment

  • Fast & effective diagnosis
  • Very low radiation (safe)
  • Quicker treatment time
  • No more dental mysteries
  • Avoid costly treatments down the road.

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