Dental Implants From Your Dentists in Watertown

Imagine being able to bite into a nice juicy steak without having your dental implants slip? Or maybe you’d prefer snapping a piece of celery with ease. This and more is possible with this transformative restorative treatment.

An Overview Of Dental Implants By Your Watertown Dentist

Nearly 70% of North Americans aged 35-44 have had at least one tooth removed by their dentist because of an accident, gum disease, or infection. This can lead to issues, such as crooked teeth or teeth that rotate and shift. And that’s not all… other common problems include pain when eating and undesirable gaps. And your confidence can really suffer because of how your smile appears.

For many people, dental implants are the best solution to these problems. They can be used to replace just one tooth or an entire jaw. Implants can also be used in combination with bridges and to secure dentures so that irritation and clicking noises don’t occur.

What To Expect When Getting Dental Implants

  1. Your Watertown dentist will get to know your smile with x-rays and a complete examination. We’ll talk about your oral health history as well as your needs and wants. We’ll help you make an informed decision about your treatment options.
  2. Should you decide to proceed, we’ll place the implant or implants.
  3. After this first phase of treatment, we’ll give the artificial tooth root time to stabilize. This is crucial as it will prevent additional bone loss.
  4. During another appointment, we will attach a crown to the implant(s).

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

We can’t give you a “yes” or “no” answer in this article. Each smile is unique, and many factors need to be considered. That’s why you must see us for a consultation. Generally, patients with good oral health have a higher success rate with dental implants.

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